Kuvings C8000 Professional Cold Press Juicer


Main Features:

  • Made with safe and BPA-Free materials
  • Features an easy assemble and easy clean design
  • Get finer and smoother juice without the pulp
  • Features an 82mm feeding chute for lesser preparation time and easier juicing
  • Sleek and beautiful aesthetic design
  • 20-year warranty on the motor and 5 years on parts for domestic use
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Kuvings C8000 Professional Cold Press Juicer Upgrade

The Kuvings C8000 Professional Cold Press Juicer is your upgrade to the popular Kuvings B8000 Juicer. You will get several inclusions and upgrades such as:

Kuvings C8000 Professional Cold Press Juicer upgraded drum set

An upgraded drum set

Two rubber sets were removed in the center and the round edge of the upgraded drum set prevents spillage and leakages without the rubber sets. This makes it easier to assemble and clean.

Kuvings C8000 Professional Cold Press Juicer upgraded maxi strainer

A modified maxi-strainer

The structure of the bottom part of the filter has been modified and upgraded. The new rubber on the center of the filter instead of it being in the juicing container ensures simple assembly and prevention of leakage. There is also an added locking point to prevent the filter from wobbling and moving while juicing making it a high-performance cold press juicer.

Kuvings C8000 Professional Cold Press Juicer upgraded scraper

A modified scraper

The new and improved scraper easily scrapes your ingredients to blend your juice even better.

Kuvings C8000 Professional Cold Press Juicer upgraded smart cap

An upgraded smart cap

The Kuvings C8000 Professional Juicer also features an upgraded smart cap. The smart cap is designed to help you switch from one ingredient to the next easily with a quick rinse.

Kuvings C8000 Professional Cold Press Juicer upgraded screw

A new Auger Screw

The Kuvings C8000 Professional Juicer has a new Auger screw with an improved edge for better juicing of green vegetables (A). It also has an empty hole for finer and richer juice with reduced total weight.


Here are the Kuvings C8000 Professional Cold Press Juicer Highlights:

Wide Feeding Chute

It has a wide feeding chute for easy juicing. This Professional Kuvings Cold Press Juicer has a unique wide feeding chute for juicing whole fruits and vegetables. Your preparation time is also lesser because it means lesser cutting and dicing!

More Juice

You get more juice and less pulp each time. This cold press juicer gives you more nutritious juices with lesser pulp because of the gentle optimized squeezing technique (JMCS) it utilizes.

Quiet Motor

Enjoy quiet juicing with the Kuvings Professional Cold Press Juicer. The quiet motor gives you fresh juices each time without the hassle of too much noise.

Minimal Nutrients Loss

This Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer gives you fresh juice without losing all the nutrients you need. By juicing whole fruits and vegetables, the Kuvings Cold Press Juicer produces natural healthy juice with minimal nutrients loss and oxidation which occurs when cellular walls are destructed.


There are also optional accessories: the smoothie and a blank strainer. These useful accessories will help you make various delicious and natural desserts and smoothies anytime you prefer with cold pressed juicer.


You will also get these additional features with your Kuvings C8000 Professional Cold Press Juicer


Made with Ultem

The Screw and Strainer are made with Ultem™, a strong and eco-friendly material often used in medical equipment and even in NASA’s space shuttles. This is to provide you with only the best quality.

Juicing Drum

The Juicing drum is made with Tritan™, an eco-friendly and safe BPA-free material approved by the USA FDA, Europe’s NSF, and Japan’s Health Department for use in food containers.

Kuvings JMCS

This Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer utilizes a low-speed masticating technology that is patented in 50 countries. This unique technology of Juicer Module Comprising System (JMCS) is designed to give you pure and natural juices by gently squeezing fruits and vegetables.

AC Induction motor

It utilizes a high-performance in-house manufactured AC induction motor to give you consistent quality and performance. This amazing 240W high-performance motor runs smoothly and quietly, without compromising its power. It is able to juice even harder fruits and vegetables efficiently.

Smart Cap

It also features a 3-in-1 Smart Cap:

  1. Clean Juicing. The Smart Cap prevents any leakages and leaves no mess in your kitchen.
  2. Juice Blending. With your Smart Cap, you can make delicious juice mixtures with different fruits and vegetables easily.
  3. Easy Rinsing. Different juices are hassle-free because the Smart Cap allows you to quickly and easily rinse by running a glass of water in the juicer!

The Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer is designed for safe operation. It features a built-in fail-safe system that ensures operation only if it is completely and well-assembled. Also, there are three optimally placed heat vents to give it an even longer operation time. It also features an automatic heat control system that automatically shuts off the cold press juicer before it even overheats.

Different models of Kuvings Juicers

Kuvings brand of cold pressed juicers is the lead in the market . They offer wide variety of juicers and types:

1) Kuvings Smart Juicer

Kuvings HealthFriend Smart Juicer – Motiv1

2) Professional Kuvings Cold Press Juicers

Kuvings C6500 Professional cold press juicer
Kuvings C7000 Professional cold press juicer
Kuvings E8000 Professional cold press juicer

3) Kuvings Commercial Cold press Juicer

Kuvings Master Chef CS700 Commercial Juicer
Kuvings CS600 Commercial Juicer

4) Kuvings Domestic Cold press juicer

Kuvings B8000 Domestic cold press juicer

5) Kuvings Evolution cold press juicer

Kuvings EVO820 evolution cold press juicer

Things to remember

It might take an extra couple of steps to maintain your juicer, but it is worth it in the long term. After every usage, it is best to clean your juicer (and its parts). It might be tempting to leave your juicer after use, but it can potentially damage your juicer if the liquids are hardened. Cold press juicers needs love and care.

Although your juicer might be the greatest on the market, your ingredients will still need to be prepared before juicing. You can’t just put entire produce into your juicer and expect excellent juices. You can first peel the outside skins of fruit before putting them into the juicer so that the bitter flavor of the peel can be avoided. You can remove seeds and hard pits as well for that same reason. These do not only add a bitter taste to your juices, these seeds and pits could also damage your cold press juicer in the long run.

For easier cleanup, it’s best to line your pulp basket with plastic wrap first. After juicing, you can simply pull the wrap out and throw it away in the trash. Easy peasy!

It’s something that people always forget, never put your ingredients into the feeding box using anything but the plunger of your professional cold press juicer. This inclusive plunger is made particularly for your juicer. Other items you use may harm or damage your juicer in the process.


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