Oscar Neo Plus DA 1200 Cold Press Juicer


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Your All-Time All-Around Great Juicer


Oscar Neo Plus DA 1200 Cold Press Juicer

With the all-new and upgraded seamless 3-step auger crushing system of the Oscar Neo Plus DA 1200, you will get the finest juicing performance yet. It has a wide mouth for easy juicing and lesser time preparation, and it can juice a variety of fruits, vegetables, greens, and wheatgrass effortlessly and with amazing results. The new Oscar Neo 1200 DA Cold Press Juicer is your all-time, all-around great cold press juicer that will definitely fit your juicing needs!

The only one in its class

Oscar Neo Plus DA 1200 Cold Press Juicer

A wider chute means lesser preparation time for you and the whole family. The Oscar New Plus DA 1200 Cold Press Juicer features a 15% wider juicing chute at 4.5cm x 3cm. The large chute cold press juicers are new in the market and the feature has only been introduced to vertical-style machines such as this one.

This wider chute feature makes it very unique, considering how the drum, strainers, and auger are able to accommodate extra ingredients that will fit easily down the chute. The parts of the juicer can maintain their durability and strength over time because they are made from the Ultem Tough material that has made the previous model DA 1000 highly sought after.

It features a powerful 200W Motor

Oscar Neo Plus DA 1200 Cold Press Juicer

As an increase from previous Oscar juicer models, the Oscar Neo Plus DA 1200 Cold Press Juicer is packed with a powerful 200W motor which makes it an effortless and versatile cold pressed juicer. This extra power gives the wide-mouth style juicing mechanism the ability to juice more from fruits, vegetables and other ingredients more efficiently.

Powerful and efficient

The motor provides more torque, giving a highly efficient extraction of juice with less foam and froth. It has an RPM (rotations per minute) of 63, which is the ideal speed for juicing a 15% increase in ingredients anytime. The combination of a powerful motor and slightly slower RPM ensures that the quality and taste of your juices are amazing.

Healthy, nutrient-rich juices for the whole family

Healthy Nutrient rich juices made with Oscar Neo Plus DA 1200 Cold Press Juicer

The Oscar Neo Plus DA 1200 Cold Press Juicer features the popular three-step crushing system that extracts organic juice from your ingredient, opening its cell walls and allowing the release of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that our body absorbs during the digestion process. This low-impact process also lessens its exposure to air, which means the oxidation process is slowed down significantly, giving your juice longer shelf life.

“Live” Juices

The juice you make is ‘alive’ and can be stored and consumed for up to 48 hours, giving you the peace of mind that you can juice and store larger quantities in your fridge.


It is the Ultimate Vegetable Juicer

Oscar Juicers are best known for their efficiency in juicing wheatgrass and leafy greens with minimal foam or froth compared to any other single-gear juicer on the market

The Oscar Neo Plus DA 1200 Cold Press Juicer excels at this in particular. The Oscar DA 1200 is able to juice larger portions at any given time with its upgraded wider juicing chute. Its horizontal juicing style makes for a great juicing experience, especially if you want to include more greens in your diet. A horizontal juicer does not result in clogging due to the fibrous nature of green vegetables. With this juicer, you can even make nutrient and alkaline-rich wheatgrass shots or green juices easily and efficiently.

It is one of the Most Versatile Juicers Ever

From all the amazing features of the Oscar Neo Plus DA 1200 Cold Press Juicer, one of the best would be its versatility and its ability to double as a food processor by utilizing its crushing mechanism to blend and crush ingredients. You can also use it to make different nut butters. We all love nut butters!


Just like when juicing, food is not exposed to heat and oxidation, giving you the result of ‘living’ food. This versatile juicer gives you that and more! Now, you can make healthy and nutritious snacks for the whole family without the unnecessary added sugars, flavoring, preservatives, or colors. You can use soaked almonds, soybeans, or cashew nuts and turn them into nutritious and delicious milk substitutes. You can also make sorbets using your favorite frozen fruits. You can also use the Oscar Neo Plus DA 1200 Cold Press Juicer to make organic and baby food, dips, sauces, and many more.

Orange Juice



Choosing the perfect juicer for you


It depends on you and your needs

There are several categories for brand juicer and it’s up to you to choose the best one that fits your needs. You can use your cold press juicer every day, or just every time you feel like juicing.Health buffs will use their juicers more frequently, while for others, it’s just nice to have.

Green juice poured into glass



Make Your Juicer Last


Opt for more vegetables

To get the highest nutritional value you can get from your juices, you should consider choosing more vegetables than fruits. Fruits are delicious and can add a little sweetness to your juices, but vegetables are packed with a lot of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that will boost your immune system.

Maintain and take care of your juicer

Maintaining your juicer can be an extra couple of steps, but it will be worth it in the long run. It is best to clean your juicer (and its parts) after every use. It can be tempting to just leave your juicer after using it, but letting the juices harden can actually damage your juicer. Your cold press juicer needs some love and care.

Prep your ingredients before juicing

Even though your juicer is the best in the market, you should still prep your ingredients before juicing. You cannot just throw whole fruits and vegetables into your juicer and expect to have delicious juices. For fruits, you can start by peeling the outer skins before throwing them into your juicer so you can avoid the bitter taste of the peel. You can remove seeds and hard pits as well for that same reason. These do not only add a bitter taste to your juices, these seeds and pits could also damage your cold press juicer in the long run.


Why You Should Start Juicing


You get to absorb more nutrients from the juice.

With juicing, you are able to get the maximum health benefits of the ingredients you are using, giving you more benefits healthwise.

Juicing helps with cleansing.

True enough, your body is already able to clean out toxins, but you can support this by drinking lots of water and eating fresh food. Juicing helps out by giving you the rest of the nutrients that you are missing out on.

Juicing helps prevent diseases.

Studies show that fruit and vegetable juices help in delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, especially among people who are at higher risk of the disease. It helps reduce your risk of heart and other diseases as well.

It could help with weight loss.

Incorporating fruit and vegetable juices into your diet could help support your weight loss. But of course, it depends on the fruits and vegetables you consume, as well as the timing of your juicing.

Juicing gives you more energy.

Adding food rich in B vitamins helps increase your energy levels. This means you should juice more leafy greens, citrus fruits, beets, ginger, and more.

It could increase vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Sure, we know you love cookies. But it’s also best to look after your health because you are not getting any younger. Vitamins, minerals, and other antioxidants are important in order for you to maintain good health.

Juicing helps you get glowing skin.

Raw juicing not only gives you so many internal benefits, but it also gives you tons of skin benefits! Nutrients from some fruits target most skin complaints and problems such as acne or aging. With prolonged and consistent consumption of healthy juices, you will notice reduced appearance of fine lines, dryness, itchiness, and more!

It boosts your immune system.

Consuming different kinds of fruits and vegetables boosts your immune system and gives you the energy to go about your day every day. Blending vegetables that you’re not really interested in eating is a better way to consume the nutrients and antioxidants you need.

Technical Data

  • SKU: JU-OS-1200-UL-AU
  • Juicer Brand: Oscar
  • Model number: DA1200
  • UPC: No
  • Extraction type: Single Gear/Cold Press
  • RPM: 63-75 RPM
  • Motor: Single-Phase Induction
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Colors available: Red / Silver
  • Included accessories: Tritan BPA Free Auger & Strainers, Collection Jugs, Food Processing Attachments, Cleaning Brush, Tamper
  • Product weight: 6 kg
  • Shipping weight: 8.5 kg
  • Product dimensions: W 16.7cm x H 32cm x L 42cm
  • Shipping dimensions: L 42cm x H 34.5cm x W 29cm
  • Wattage: 200w
  • Voltage: 230v
  • Certified: CE Certified
  • Materials: BPA-FREE Tritan
  • Extra features: 15% Wider Chute, Horizontal Juicing, 3-Step Auger Crushing System, Doubles as a Living Food Processor
  • Compatible foods: Soft & Hard Fruits & Vegetables
  • Shipping will be free, depending on your delivery location


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